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Volunteer Opportunities/Activities:

Organization &/or Cleaning-

o   Donations  

o   Volunteer House

o   Storage

o   Shelter

       Landscaping- Upkeep


o   General

o   Painting


o   Clients in personal vehicle

o   Donation pickup

       Childcare Volunteer-  

o   Occasional Child Care  

o   Children’s Activities

       Booths, Events, &/or Fundraisers-

o   Setup &/or Take Down

o   Make Crafts

o   Bake Goods  

o   Sell Raffle Tickets

       Public Speaking- Survivors, Silent Witnesses, Volunteers, Educators


o   Repair and Education

o   Webpage Design & Maintenance

o Facebook Design and Maintenance

       Writing- Grants, Speeches, PSAs

       Teach Classes-

o   Adults- Support Group, Financial, Life Skills 

o   Children- Support Groups

       Domestic Violence Month(October) help that begins August

o   Preparing, Folding, &/or Distributing- Flyers &/or Brochures

o   Write PSA’s, Newspaper Ads, Facebook updates.  

       Shelter Office Volunteer-

o   Lunches- work while the staff goes to lunch. You would have to train on the hotline before you can be a lunch volunteer.

o   Office Aid- basically spends time at the shelter office, helping the staff with filing, making copies, etc. The hours are flexible for this subcategory.